Having problems getting your compression stockings off?

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It is the easiest way to remove them, without help from others.

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Compression stockings can be a nightmare to remove. But with Exximo™ it’s an absolute breeze. Your stockings will be off in seconds. You will no longer rely on others to help you take them off. Exximo™ gives you your independence back!

How it works

Exximo™ works with a wide range of compression hosiery, from travel socks to medical stockings. Exximo™ is the only product on the market that works with your natural foot position. As your foot and heel move to remove the stocking, Exximo™ moves with you. This helps to remove your stocking in seconds!


Place the lanyard on your wrist. Then simply slide Exximo™ inside the top of the stocking on the inside or outside of your leg.


Gently slide Exximo™ down your leg to the heel. The hook on the outside will gather up the stocking as you move it down your leg.


At the heel, simple slide Exximo™ to the back of your heel and continue pushing the stocking off your leg.

Exximo™'s unique design, smooth surface and flexible head will move with your changing heel position as you remove the stocking in seconds.

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Benefits of Exximo™

Unique Design

The latest innovation Exximo's unique design maximises leverage, for those with limited arm strength

Super smooth surface which is kind to both your skin and your stocking

Lighter and smaller than the leading competitor

Great for traveling

Easy Grip

Medical grade plastic with ergonomic form and function

Easy grip handle for those with limited grasping ability

Natural Motion

The flexible head moves easily over the heel

No binding at the heel means the stocking comes off in one smooth motion

No pain or pinching at the heel area

Length eliminates bending


I have to help my mother put on her compression stocking in the morning and help her take them off again in the evening. I bought her Exximo so she could remove them herself without waiting for me to come home from work. It works really well and my mother is happy that she doesn't have to rely on me so much. Money well spent.
Dee V, Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland, May 2016

I saw Exximo at Naidex and was impressed, very well thought out product. It feels very comfortable in your hand, obviously a lot of work has gone into ergonomics when developing it.
Dave G, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. April 2016

A Happy Customer Using Exximo™

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